There are times when I get discouraged and want to stop posting.
That’s when I meet someone that gives me every reason not to.
There are words that need to be written
There are souls who need to read it.
Let me be your words
Let me give you the the perspective you need to take that next step in your life.
Those emotions that you hold so deep inside,
But can’t seem to understand how to let it out.
Let these words roll from out of your mouth.    I are wonderful
I am great
I am powerful
Good things take time.
Don’t let the world place you where you don’t belong.
Sing your own songs!
Dance to the beat of your own drum!
Be protective
Of Your peace
Of Your energy
Protect it from
Whatever or
It may be.
Be present
In your specific moment.
Don’t get caught up in where you want to be.
Be gracious
Hold on to the things that make your heart sing.
Gain control
Take life slow
Be wise
Know that no one is perfect.
And last but not least,
You are and always will be…
Worth it.



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