How did you expect me to love you when I was still learning how to love myself? How was I supposed to give you my heart when I was still trying to get it back from someone else? My mind was in disarray and my soul in the clouds. So much hurt and pain. I was disappointed in myself. No where near the woman I’m supposed to be. How did you expect me to love you, when I couldn’t even love me? Looking at me all confused, when I snapped at you. 

    You didn’t even give me a chance, to turn into the best woman I could be. You already had your plans for me. You knew what you wanted, you just needed a face and mind that was willing to be brainwashed. You failed to see me. To really see me. From the moment you stepped in, you were trying to change me. To mold me into the woman you wanted. I was offended. All this while I thought I was perfect, though I have many flaws, I felt that that’s what made me beautiful. 
You didn’t give me the opportunity to love you, to take my time to let you into my world. Instead, you took all my words and went left. Misunderstanding me and looking at me like someone who needed saving. You didn’t give me a chance. You weren’t looking at me, you were looking at what you wanted me to be. You looked at my exterior but failed to see my heart.

    I guess I can’t get mad though. The way that he viewed me was the same way I viewed men. I’m so sorry my Kings. I understand how it feels now. I swear I’ll never do it again. 

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