I’ve always wondered why we rely so heavily on other human beings.
The same human beings that
Eat, sleep, and breathe like I do.
Why do we give their opinions so much value?
I find it hard to listen to others,
not just because I am stubborn at heart,
It’s hard to know who to trust.
In human beings,
I’ve seen crazy things.
In human beings,
I’ve seen smiles that look so enticing.
The same people that give advice,
do the complete opposite when
it’s their turn.
So Why?
Why do we focus so much on others,
When we all are fighting our own battles.
Human beings
We can be so cruel.
Seeing how someone can be so harsh to everyone else,
but so soft on themselves.
It makes me wonder.
Do I even have room to make my own mistakes?
Even if it means me falling on my face.
Is there space left to open up and be honest with myself.
Even if I have to put a brave face on and
lie to everyone else.
Do I really owe you an explanation as to how I decide to treat myself?
Human beings.
First we hold on to pain,
Then we let go
My mind is completely blown
They change.
And so do you.
So look yourself in the mirror before you go spitting someone else’s truth.

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