All the battles that I’ve had to face inside and the many nights of tears I’ve cried. They have brought me dangerously close to the point where I no longer fear losing you.
My long speeches to myself in the mirror have helped me talk some sense into myself, because sometimes I forget. I forget my worth. I have no one to remind me, but myself. So to myself, I say this; ‘you’re an amazing woman. Anyone who doesn’t see that is not meant for you. So don’t cry over what has left, but smile for the blessing that is about to come. God has so much in store. Dry your tears love. You deserve the world and more. Go out there and get it. Remember, you’ll be alright! Your peace of mind should be more important to you. So throw away that glue that you try so hard to use to put those broken pieces back together. You are now new. Losing yourself is what you should fear the most but you’ve got a long way to go with this thing called growth.’
I say this as I keep thinking that all the answers are going to come to me like tomorrow.
The days go by and my mind is full of sorrow of the things I fail to see.
Letting it all pass by me as if that’s how my life is meant to be.
But this can’t always be my reality.
When life gets too uncomfortable I allow the thoughts in my mind to consume me.
Sometimes my mind can be my worst enemy.
Telling me the things that I dream will never reach me. When I wake up every morning I’m reminded of the future that is bestowed upon me.
But I can’t seem to cross this bridge that has obstacles blocking me.
Fear and doubt always take over. I can’t keep allowing you to control me.
This thing called growth is changing me. Watching me sprout from a baby to a bright young lady, but there is more to me that the eyes of other will never see. So now I stand here, in front of this mirror reminding myself of my worth waiting for this phase to pass me.


  • Ngobesing Romanus October 5, 2016 at 8:50 pm

    You are on the right track. I like the decision you have taken; and your determination. The results will please you.


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