Who is Natalia?

My birth name is Nancy. I am a twenty-something Texas born, Nigerian girl. I’ve been writing since I was little, starting off with writing in my diary. I didn’t really start getting creative until 2012. I finally found the courage to start my blog on May 8, 2016 (my birthday!!!).
I used my alter ego name Natalia aka Natalie. To keep it short, she is who I really am on the inside, but have always feared her due to being misunderstood and judged, but as I get older, she gets harder to hide.
I would consider myself a very passionate and sensitive person. I’m also a grade A goofball, but that’s only because I live to see others smile. God has given me the eyes to see the beauty amongst the chaos. It has led me to be a little more comfortable about sharing my flaws and freely expressing myself. I haven’t reached my full potential yet, but this blog will essentially reveal a lot about the journey of my silence and the power of the mind. Think of this blog as your diary, because it’s not just about me, it’s about we, as humans on this earth who go through the pain and struggle of living and having to endure so much in our lives, but still face the world as if everything is ok. For that person who has something to say, but can’t find the courage to say it, this is our diary.
My goal is to help someone help themselves with my words of creativity. I hope my words speak to your soul as much as it helps me with mine. If it does so, don’t hesitate to comment, share, and subscribe.


Instagram: @_nataliaspeaks